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Election Management

Multiple / Multiphase Elections can be simultaneously managed by concerned stakeholders. Configurable features are inbuilt in the system for such management.

Office Management

Government offices play an integral part in the smooth conduct of Elections. Details of such Office under various jurisdictions can be managed with ease.

Employee and Manpower

Database of Employee/Manpower of concerned offices can be maintained properly for later use or requirement during Election(s).

Trainings on Demand

Training of election officials is a very important aspect in the conduction of an election. The management of such trainings can be done with necessary diligence through the system.

Custom Deployments

Deployment of manpower/election officials as per the standard procedure can be done judiciously through the system.

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Rule Based System

The system is based upon definable rules as per the Election need at various stages.

Scalable System

The system is highly scalable with respect to the need of Electoral Bodies. It’s design can incorporate the need of any kind of election at any place or geographical location.

Highly Configurable

Parameters related to various stages of Election management can be configured as per need by the authorities.

Built in intelligence

Leveraging on AI and ML the system will be able to help concerned stakeholders to take appropriate decision for conduct of Election process in a manageable way.



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